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Tag: Sirius B

Sirius B, μ CMa 2019-10-12

Using my planetary-setup, I imaged two binaries this morning: Sirius and Sirius B (~10″), and a perhaps less known one, μ Canis Majoris with a separation of ~3″. HEQ5, N250/1200, TSO ADC, ASI 224MC (cooled), home observatory, mountpusher

Sirius and Sirius B

mu CMa



Sirius B – 2018-11-08

Sirius B

I was digging for unprocessed images, and one of my hard drives turned Sirius B up. I don’t wonder I forgot about it, given the clock. The seeing was bad, but out of gigabytes of data, I managed to get a nice picture out. The gear was the HEQ5 mount, the N150/750 tube and the ASI 224 MC camera, with various barlows and tubes.



Jól kalibrált monitoron mindegyik számnál elkülönülő árnyalat látszik. Ha mégsem látszanak, akkor a megjelenített képek színhiányosan rajzolódnak ki. A monitort valószínűleg kalibrálni kell.

You should see distinct shades for each number. If those shades are not clearly visible, the displayed pictures will lack accuracy. Your display most likely needs to be calibrated (brightness, gamma, contrast etc.).