NGC 4527, NGC 4536

The known location, the known setup, after six month of unfavorable weather, with clear hours at impossible times for a working class hero – same field trip as before. I acquired 11×5 min of light at ISO 1600.

The main objects on the image, sorted by brightness:

NGC 4536 [galaxy in Vir] 10.4m ø7.6′ [wiki] [simbad] 750mm, 1200mm
NGC 4527 [galaxy in Vir] 10.8m ø6.2′ [wiki] [simbad] [photo-planner]
NGC 4533 [galaxy in Vir] 13.9m ø2.1′ [wiki] [simbad] [photo-planner]
IC 3474 [galaxy in Vir] 14.91m ø2.24′ [wiki] [simbad] [photo-planner]

N 150/750, Baader MPCC Mark III, Canon 1100D mod, HEQ5

Dângău Mare, Kolozs county, 2018-04-08–09