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Thank you

I appreciate it. My contributions to the community of amateur astronomy, software, or various things like writing a webcomic, are all available for free. This is what makes it all a hobby, not a job.

Tangible feedback however, shows that you also care and have the spare resources to express that you do, to encourage me to continue, because you perhaps find value in what I do, that it matters, to you, to the community, to somebody out there.

Jól kalibrált monitoron mindegyik számnál elkülönülő árnyalat látszik. Ha mégsem látszanak, akkor a megjelenített képek színhiányosan rajzolódnak ki. A monitort valószínűleg kalibrálni kell.

You should see distinct shades for each number. If those shades are not clearly visible, the displayed pictures will lack accuracy. Your display most likely needs to be calibrated (brightness, gamma, contrast etc.).