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Monthly archives: október, 2018

Uranus – 2018-10-10

Uranus with Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon

Using the N150/750 and the ASI224MC on the HEQ5 mount, I imaged Uranus, at 2018-10-09T23-19Z.  Four moons are showing themselves.



Csillagtúra az Apáczaisokkal

A tavaszi után volt most — 2018-10-18 — egy őszi túra. A felhők miatt alig látszódott valami

éjszakai fotó, városi és holdfényes éggel


A kép éjszaka készült


Bye-bye camera battery

UPS battery powered Canon

I work with a modified Canon 1100D camera, which uses the LP-E10 battery. The battery pack has the tiny nominal capacity of 860 mAh (Canon original), 950 mAh (some copy) or 850 mAh (some other copy), equalling 6-7 Wh. During a long photo session, and depending on the temperature, 2-3 batteries may go out from fully charged to blinking red, interrupting the photo session, and – on the long term – mean further replacement batteries. For comparison, a UPS battery holds at around 80Wh, at least on paper.

While the form factor is proprietary, meaning vendor (or at least product) lock in, the batteries are dumb. Luckily. Luckily the battery pack has no digital identification mechanism, so some crocodile clips are enough to replace them. No need to disassemble one to use the chip or something like that. So I got to work.



Jól kalibrált monitoron mindegyik számnál elkülönülő árnyalat látszik. Ha mégsem látszanak, akkor a megjelenített képek színhiányosan rajzolódnak ki. A monitort valószínűleg kalibrálni kell.

You should see distinct shades for each number. If those shades are not clearly visible, the displayed pictures will lack accuracy. Your display most likely needs to be calibrated (brightness, gamma, contrast etc.).