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Monthly archives: szeptember, 2016

NGC 7000 – third approach

NGC 7000 as I processed it on 2016-09-22

NGC 7000 as I processed it on 2016-09-22

Back in December 2015 my modded camera had the first Ha-enhanced light. As I keep most raws, I dag up those in order to test whether my processing abilities have evolved. One aspect is the healing algorithm I wrote to handle the dense star fields – ie: remove all highlights and their immediate context and fill the holes from the remaining image data. Canon 1100D mod, 20×110 sec, ISO 1600, Canon 200mm f/2.8 lens dialed to f/4.5, EQ3 mount, unguided. More than fairly dark sky of a place near Dangau Mare, Cluj county, Romania.  (tovább…)


Thoughts on a miscolored picture


F.Balázs: NGC 7000 area – There is something wrong with these colors

There was some debate about a picture published on the website, whether the unfortunate colors are a result of processing or there is something wrong with the lens or the camera being used. The author (F.Balázs) published several similarly miscolored pictures and I thought I would investigate. The author was kind enough to publish one of his raws,  which I could use to verify some theories about what could have gone wrong and where. The picture to the right is the one published on the forum. The metadata is Author: F.Balázs; Date: 2016-08-28 00:00; Optics: Nikon 300mm f4 fix; Mount: SkyWatcher HEQ-5 Pro with Syntrek; Camera: Nikon D700 (NOT modified); Exposures: 44*300s ISO 1600; Location: Hódmezővásárhely. It is obvious that something is very off. (tovább…)


Jól kalibrált monitoron mindegyik számnál elkülönülő árnyalat látszik. Ha mégsem látszanak, akkor a megjelenített képek színhiányosan rajzolódnak ki. A monitort valószínűleg kalibrálni kell.

You should see distinct shades for each number. If those shades are not clearly visible, the displayed pictures will lack accuracy. Your display most likely needs to be calibrated (brightness, gamma, contrast etc.).