On 2018-10-06 I wanted to make an experiment with the IDAS LPS D2 light pollution and the Baader UHC filters. From under urban skies, 6 or 7 on the Bortle scale, and from the vicinity of two mercury lamps, I chose to image M76. I used the MC 102/1300 with the DSLR and the N 150/750 with the ASI 120 MM to dig out some meaningful data. The IDAS was in front of the DSLR, the UHC in front of the ASI 120 MM. With the DSLR, at almost F/13, two minute frames came out, at ISO 3200, with reasonable data on it, given the sky.

M 76, NGC 650 [planetary nebula in Per] Little Dumbbell Nebula, Barbell Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, Cork Nebula, Kis Súlyzó-köd 10.1m ø2.7′ [wiki] [simbad] [photo-planner]