Sharpless 112

Using the good old setup, N 150/750, Baader MPCC Mark III, Canon 1100D mod with the IDAS LPS D2 filter, HEQ5, I took 15×4 minutes of the Sharpless 112 nebula in Cygnus. Would have taken more, had the Moon not risen. This nebula deserved more attention, it has a fairly high surface brightness, it’s not that small, being comparable to the Tulip nebula. But SH2-112’s neighborhood literally outshines it – just think about the North America Nebula, the Crescent Nebula, the Sadr Nebula, the Propeller, not to mention the Veil complex. I couldn’t even find a proper name for this object. I imaged from Dângău Mare, Cluj.

Sharpless 112, SH2-112 [H II nebula in Cyg] 8m ø15′ [simbad] 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm