NGC 6823

It appears that 17×6 minutes at ISO 1600 are barely a start for this nebulosity. I used my N 150/750, Baader MPCC Mark III, Canon 1100D mod, HEQ5, aided by the IDAS LPS D2 filter. I acquired the lights from Dângău Mare, Cluj county. I personally, call this nebula by an indecent word, much like the sword of Orion. NGC 6820 is the little, yellowish nebula hiding in front of the larger, mainly red complex.

NGC 6823, Col 405 [open cluster+nebula in Vul] 7.1m ø12′ [wiki] [simbad] 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm

NGC 6820, Col 404, SH2 86 [nebula in Vul] ø0.5′ [wiki] [simbad] [photo-planner]