M57 Ring Nebula

During the last session, and parenthetically eff Microsoft for its forced Windows updates, I also imaged M 57, NGC 6720 [planetary nebula in Lyr] Ring nebula in Lyra, Gyűrűs-köd, Ring Nebula, Nebuloasa Inel 8.8m ø1.43′ [wiki] [simbad]  A very faint galaxy, IC 1296 [galaxy in Lyr] 15.39m ø1′ [wiki] [simbad] also found its way onto the picture, as seen on the annotated framem57, annotated by astrometry.net, though it took some extra work to highlight it through masking, due to the great dynamic difference between the planetary nebula and the galaxy, as it is visible on the raw frameM57 raw sample.

Canon 1100Da, 10×4 min, ISO 1600, MC 102/1300, HEQ5.