NGC 457 Owl Cluster

The Moon was still up when I started imaging the Owl Cluster, on 2017-07-29 from Dângău Mare. I used my usual setup for small objects, the  Canon 1100D mod, N 150/750, Baader MPCC Mark III, HEQ5. The autoguiding was done by the recovered camera and a very old netbook with limited battery life, run from 12V plus a DC-DC converter to feed it 19V. I gathered 22×90 sec, at ISO 400 with a few shorter and intentionally blurred frames to verify the color of the stars. It was a bit windy.

C 13, NGC 457, Mel 7, Col 12 [open cluster in Cas] A small cluster in a rich region., Owl Cluster, E.T. Cluster, Bagoly-halmaz, Phi Cassiopeiae Cluster, Dragonfly Cluster, Szitakötő-halmaz 6.4m ø13′ [wiki] [simbad] 750mm

Also visible, but rather faint is the galaxy  LEDA 4831 or MCG+10-03-001, see in Simbad.