For those who don’t know me, I am an amateur astronomer and also a writer, drawn to scifi.

I’ve been waiting for Interstellar for a very long time because of three reasons. First of all the director,  Christopher Nolan. I like the world of, so not the plot of Inception, the movie gave me a lot to think about and I still think about it though I will not watch the movie again. It is better this way. A second reason is Hans Zimmer, no need to explain this. And of course the promise that Interstellar will be one of the greatests of space sci-fis. Needless to say I had very high hopes for this movie.

I checked out all the trailers and found pictures of the black hole that resembled a neutron star rendition I have on my wall so I looked it up and found a backstage where the creators explained how this is the most accurate rendition of a black hole in movie history. This is why I thought: finally, a great, hard sci-fi, where fuel is expensive, movement is slow, humans are fragile yet a great story can unfold. I thought – based on what the trailers and the science videos promised – that this movie goes beyond cardboard stages, that physics has a central role.

Then I watched the movie. Despite the visuals I was disappointed for the movie itself deceived me.

I’m going to speak mostly about this deception, the main reason I didn’t like this movie, and avoid subjects like plot holes, cheesiness, probably treated by others – of which I am well aware, just don’t want to write about.  (tovább…)