M27 Dumbbell Nebula - Súlyzó köd

M27 Dumbbell Nebula – Súlyzó köd

Well, a first light is a first light. Even though I had my HEQ5 mount for three month, it has never been tested on the northern hemisphere and never with a telescope. Mainly due to the bad weather we are having. The issue is not that there are no clear skies for a few hours in a raw, but that almost no forecast can be trusted. And there are very few clear nights. So after more than an hour of „+!%!+//%=! because the sky got covered just after I set up, it got clear again in an hour (the forecast told 0% clouds a few hours back) and I could image the planetary nebula M27, ie the Dumbbell Nebula. N150/750 with coma corrector, 13×1 min + 15×1.5 min with Canon 1100D mod, ISO 1600. Coincidentally I found out that I live very near to one of Europe’s last decent (but not pristine) skies. But I trust my politicians that they will soon ruine it. For now, I guess I’m lucky.


a raw image of the nebula, not cropped