Wizard Nebula

Although it’s only a few frames, something came out of the Wizard Nebula, with 9×5 min at ISO 3200, with the N 150/750, Baader MPCC Mark III, Canon 1100D mod, HEQ5 and the IDAS filter. The place, as usual, was Dângău, Cluj.

SH2-142 [H II nebula in Cep] Wizard Nebula [bright] from shc 6m ø30′ [simbad] 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm

NGC 7380, Col 452 [open cluster+nebula in Cep] Wizard nebula, SH2-142, Varázsló köd 7.2m ø12′ [wiki] [simbad] 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm

The prominent open cluster at the bottom left is, for some reason, not in any frequently used catalogs, it is C 2250+580

raw sample